Rustic Story

Hello all! So, I’m fairly new to blogging. I’m also fairly new to running a business. It has been a fantastic journey to this point. I am a mom to an adorable little blessing named Isaac. He is the light of my life, and hence the reason for getting out of the rat race. A slower pace-one that allows for coloring, and legos, and reading stories, making dinner for my little family, and drinking hot cocoa-is what I’ve been called to. These precious moments seem like they are just a breath long, and then vanish into the good memories of yesterday. A life full of good memories is what I assume all people strive to achieve.
I have been working hard in my husband’s shop-learning a new trade, for a new era of life. I’ve quite frankly fallen in love with my new hobby. It’s wood working in the form of picture frames, decorative wood burning, and photography. Please visit my shop at I hope you will fall in love with my creations too!


About rusticstory

I am an active hiking mama and wife who loves creating beautiful things. I take landscape photography and my husband and I give old wood a new life by creating rustic frames. I have begun using a wood burning pen to create design and wording on the frames. I have a passion for creating new things and have recently taken to my husband's miter saw and router. I love the feeling of looking at a new frame creation, and kicking myself for not thinking of this earlier in life! I also love the thought of my high school shop teacher looking at these with disbelief in his eyes (shop class was not my first love!). My super supportive hubby helps me wrestle the sometimes warped pieces of wood into something absoutely beautiful! It is such a metaphor for life to Jesus wrestles the warped pieces of my life into something beautiful. The most poetic thing about this metaphor is this; the pieces of my life that I thought were un-salvagable were the exact pieces I had to go through to form the absoutely beautiful life I have now. It would not have happened any other way. My blog is a complation of experiences of love, life, photography, and frame making! All frames and photography are available for sale on Etsy at Please visit and enjoy!

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