Here are a few of my newest creations.  I am at peace while creating.  I especially love creating these pieces because I know they will someday be a beautiful addition to someone’s home-perhaps displaying their most treasured photography or art.  I would be honored to know that these became family heirlooms-something that will add beauty to you and yours’ family for years to come!  Thank you so much for viewing these!

The larger frame has a unique wood burned pattern burned by myself.  This frame will nicely display a matted 12×12 photo.  It is two-toned with alternating color wood.  There are naturally occuring knots and holes in the wood that are incorporated into the design.

The smaller frame is also made from rustic, upcycled wood, and will nicely fit a 5×7 un-matted photo, or a matted 4×6 photograph.

Both frames are unique, one-of-a-kind Christmas/Holiday gifts, or thoughtful housewarming gifts-or a nice piece for yourself!  These frames will look great in any decor from modern and edgy, to shabby chic-vintage, to traditional!  For more information please visit my shop on Etsy: to learn more and for pricing information!  Thank you so much for visiting my site!


Something Beautiful

I grew up on a farm, and though I live in the city now, I’m a farm girl at heart.  I would be overjoyed if my husband and I were to have an opportunity to buy a farmstead.  The smell of sweet, fresh cut alfalfa and cow manure brings me back to the wide-eyed, carefree wonder of childhood.  I used to help my dad put hundreds of square bales into this very hayloft.  I used to watch him put salt between the layers of bales so that they would not catch fire…I’m still not sure how that works-but I know not to put wet hay bales in the loft without salt or you could have a major problem!  I remember throwing bales down from here to feed our bucket calves, and to bed the cows down for those cold winter nights.  I remember hauling our trampoline piece by piece into this hayloft during the winter so that my brother and I could still jump on it during the winter.  I remember climbing to the top of the bales, and racing around on them.  There was a pulley attached to the roof that I used to pull my brother to the roof with…I thought it was great fun, but he didn’t.  There were many games of hide and seek in here, and even a Fall Party of my youth group held up here-complete with decorations and food!  This photo represents something beautiful to me-wonderful memories of a wonderful childhood.  My grandfather was born and raised on this farm, and it remains in our family.  The barn-weathered and worn with the streams of sunlight shining through the slats represents a rich generational heritage to me.  This heritage is one of love, honesty, and hard work.  This barn is the majestic tower overlooking the farm, and within these walls house over 100 years of memories just like the ones I wrote about above.  I’m proud of my family-and thankful to God for the opportunity to have played within these walls, and to have grown up surrounded by the loving arms of my family!

This photo is available to shine it’s warmth the walls of your home-and now you have the story behind it straight from the photographer!  Please visit my Etsy shop at for more information and pricing information!  Thank you so much for taking the time to go down memory lane with me!

The Answer

I know many of you out there are like me when faced with a decision…especially one that I didn’t wanna make. You know the ones that feel like a thorn in your side, and a knot in your stomach? I know God uses obstacles in life to challenge us; to keep life from getting mundane. In the end those obstacles often make for a good dinner party story, however while going through it, it does not seem fun, or hilarious.
I have had a recent decision of this nature…in fact many in the last week in particular. I know I am not alone in this decision making process, but it was hard for me to hear what God wanted me to do; that is until today. Today I received the message God intended for me through an e-mail of another friend of mine…amazing. In the minutes it took me to read the e-mail, I got a feeling in my heart that was complete peace. Many of the pieces fell together, and I was once again reminded, “God’s got this”, as another friend of mine always tells me. I have been reading an excellent book lately by Sarah Young called Jesus is Calling. In one of her entries she writes (these are words given to her by Jesus), “Anxiety is a result of envisioning the future without Me.” How very true, and how very comforting the simplicity of those words are.


Another sunny day in my neck of the woods. Today is Halloween…quite honestly my least favorite holiday due to my horrible will power, and the abundance of candy that surrounds me. It does however, mark the beginning to my most favorite time of the year! Fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! This is my favorite time of year because many of my best memories reside in the months of November and December. Among them are those of my grandma in the kitchen cooking furiously and making sure everything was just right for the family dinners! I aspire to inherit many of her traits. She was a kind, gentle woman with a love for her family that was undying. She cleaned her house like a maniac, and then let my brother and I completely wreck it when she babysat. My younger brother and I fought like cats and dogs, and when mom came to pick us up, she gave a glowing report of how glorious the day was, and what angels we were…I loved that woman! I have inherited her sweet tooth unfortunately, and so just like my grandma, everything I make is coated in a good layer of carmel and chocolate during this time of the year.
Tonight I will store up another good memory in my abundant bank. My son, husband and I are going to our church’s Harvest Festival. It is basically a free-for-all for kids. They get to dress up play games, go through mazes, win prizes, jump in big air jumpers, and of course eat twice their weight in candy! It will be nothing short of marvelous!
My prayer for today is again one of thanksgiving that I am priveledged enough to be a mommy and a wife. I am also thankful for my mind…my grandma was diagnosed in her later 50s with Alzheimers and this beautiful woman didn’t have the privelidge of remembering a lifetime of cherished moments.  She was instead lost in a world where she knew no one, and nothing was familiar to her. I miss my grandma with all my heart. In her dying moments, she looked up at me with her once blank eyes, and recognition filled them as she called me “her little one” once again, and for the last time.  So this time of year is so very special to me, because I want to create the kinds of Thanksgivings, and Christmases that my little family will remember with nothing but joy in their hearts.  These and all future memories are a tribute to a grandmother who was loved more than words can express.  I know my precious grandma is looking down from heaven with a smile on her face.

Wonderful Sunday

Hello!  It’s such a beautiful, crisp fall day!  Church was uplifting today.  It always fills my heart with such joy to see the fellowship of believers I belong to!  We are headed to the mountains to have lunch with friends that we haven’t seen for a very long time, and then probably home to watch Nacho Libre, or Vegas Vacation yet again…a soothing bedtime ritual that is so comforting because of it’s familiarity.

I am an ER nurse, as well as a wife and mommy.  I worked yesterday-and I always come home burdened with other’s plight.  It has brought me to start praying for them recently.  I hope that they can find peace.  Many are not at a place in life where they are open to hearing the Good News.  It always amazes me just how many people suffer with emotionally induced illness.  Their problems have taken such a hold on them that they actually begin to experience physiological illness.  And so, with that said, I am thankful once again for my life-however humble it may be.  I am thankful for a husband who always has a song in his heart and on his lips.  I am thankful that he loves me so much that he chose to spend his life with me.  I am thankful for our son, who is the drive in my heart and the energy in my soul-even on his cranky days.  I am thankful for friends and family who support all my endeavors, even when they are corny and ridiculous!  I am thankful to God to have been born into a Christian home where the love of Christ was taught to me!  I am thankful that God gave me a creative spirit, and many wonderful things to think about.

Summer Greens

Summer Greens

I love surrounding myself with things that inspire peace in my life. God gives us so many wonderful, beautiful things to quiet the inner roar, and to remind us of his presence in our life.

Rustic Story

Hello all! So, I’m fairly new to blogging. I’m also fairly new to running a business. It has been a fantastic journey to this point. I am a mom to an adorable little blessing named Isaac. He is the light of my life, and hence the reason for getting out of the rat race. A slower pace-one that allows for coloring, and legos, and reading stories, making dinner for my little family, and drinking hot cocoa-is what I’ve been called to. These precious moments seem like they are just a breath long, and then vanish into the good memories of yesterday. A life full of good memories is what I assume all people strive to achieve.
I have been working hard in my husband’s shop-learning a new trade, for a new era of life. I’ve quite frankly fallen in love with my new hobby. It’s wood working in the form of picture frames, decorative wood burning, and photography. Please visit my shop at I hope you will fall in love with my creations too!