So Sorry!

I have not been posting on here as often as I’d like.  I am currently working on another blog-maybe some of you would be interested in it.  It’s at  Feel free to visit and see what you think.  I was re-reading some of my posts on this blog-contemplating if I will keep this one going or not, and I do believe I will continue to write for this one as well.

I’m wondering if any of you out there have or had a child/toddler who WOULD NOT SLEEP??  I’m writing this with my eyelids almost shut right now, because I need sleep.  I have a little guy who is not quite two, and while I love him to pieces, I’d really love a night of sleep right now.  It’s been almost 2 years with very few full nights of sleep…I think we have tried just about every possible avenue-but maybe we haven’t-maybe some of you have suggestions I have not heard of or tried.  I’m always interested to hear from readers what worked and what didn’t.

Just after he was born, many, many people told us we would just need to tough out the no sleep thing for about a year and then he would magically start sleeping…oh contraire.  How I wish that was true.

We are now rounding the bend to two years old.  My husband is a saint.  He insists on getting up with me every time little guy cries.  I’ve told him many times not to, and that we can trade off…mostly because I don’t want to feel guilty when I don’t want to get up.  He still insists.

The other night,  he would not stop crying and “self comfort” as our pediatrician says, so we got up and went down to see what was going on.  Well little guy had pooped his pants (daddy gave him some hot peppers that day-that kid eats ANYTHING!).  So, at 2am I changed his diaper in a haze of drowsiness, my husband was in the room with me.  The next morning, I commented on how weird it was that our son had pooped at 2am( I didn’t know about the hot peppers daddy fed him the day before yet).  My husband’s reply was, “HE DID??!!”  I had a good laugh at that one.  I wonder what he thought I was doing with the baby, and a new diaper and the wipes…not to mention the smell that permeated the room!  Who knows?!

I know that someday sleep will not be the ellusive dream just out of my reach.  Someday we will have a teenager who may not be so quick to want to get out of bed.  I know that this is a test of strength, perhaps to prepare me for something in my future.  I once read a book that gave a good perspective on thankfulness.  In my own paraphrasing it goes something like this, “If you never had to pick up dirty socks, or clothes strewn all over the floor, you’d miss it, knowing what you know now of a good married life.”  I guess the same goes for children.  Someday, crazy as it may seem now,  I will miss these all nighters with my little one.  I will miss the sound of his cry and knowing that there is a tiny being who needs me.  Someday all too soon, I will be watching him drive a car for the first time, and then go to college; and then leave our home in search of his own life.  All a normal progression of life, and I’m sure I will be ever so proud of him, but at the same time missing these sweet days of his childhood.  So, I choose to savor every moment-to take it all in-sleep or no sleep.


All in a day’s work…

Today, my son and I set out for the park after breakfast.  This is always an interesting task, because no matter how many times I tell him that we will be doing something fun in a bit, he always ends up throwing himself on the floor in a tantrum…apparently mommy can’t move fast enough.  Before going out, we have to get up, get dressed, change a poopy diaper…or two, fix and eat breakfast, feed the dog, clean up the kitchen after breakfast (I hate coming home to a mess). Then there is the task of getting myself presentable, putting shoes and socks on us both, coats, bottles, snacks…and by the time 10am rolls around and we are ready to go, I’m exhausted.

So, we did all this today, and did end up at the park with two of my friends and their little ones.  It’s so interesting to me to watch how different aged kids interact.  My son, at 19 months seems to like other kids, but doesn’t get the concept of playing together nicely.  He saw another little one digging in the sand with a plastic shovel, so he went and took it from the other child, and then looked at him like he was crazy for crying.  After explaining to my son that we do not take toys from other children, and giving the shovel back, he happily trotted off as if nothing happened.

He is fearless, I had to climb up a rock wall to keep him from falling off a 10 foot platform that he was about to step off of, and the next moment I saw him sliding head first down a slide with his hands stretched out in front of him like superman.  I think he did this on accident, however was laughing as he careened toward the end of the slide-head first.  I’ve noticed that while my son has not inherited my gift of gab, he has inherited his daddy’s speed.  That little booger is quick!  His friends (who are both older by six  months) cannot keep up with him, nor are they as fearless!  I never thought I’d be climbing all over playground equipment as a grown adult, but I did today-to keep my son from getting a head injury!

He finally got tired, and we left the park.  He fell asleep on the way home after dumping his milk into his cookie cup.  I actually took a nap with him.  Guess I need to go to the gym and get in shape so I can keep up with him!  I have definatley run off all my pregnancy weight with him!  He woke 3 hours later, and we had lunch.  I have discovered he really likes to “help” me bake things.  Today’s project was minature pecan pies, and tomorrow’s project is chocolate pumpkin cheesecake.  I put the chocolate cookies for tomorrow’s cheesecake crust into a baggie and gave him a meat mallet and let him go to town on the cookies, which he thought was great fun!  My son who does not sit still for even a minute, is so enthralled by cooking that he stood on the chair at the counter beside me for almost an hour!  I did, of course, give him some cream soda and a grahm cracker to keep him occupied…but I couldn’t believe it!!  IT WORKED!!  He dumped some of his cream soda into a measuring cup and took a spoon and stirred it for all he was worth-then dumped that into another bowl, and back to the measuring cup again.  I love getting to know this little being God has given me.  He has a spirit that I adore more every day.  I wonder daily about what God has created him to do in this life.  Today I wondered if maybe he will grow up to be a chef, or a sky-diver?  Only God knows, but I have such anticipation in my heart at the journey that lies ahead of us!  A friend of mine wrote about how she enjoy’s opening gifts.  This is my gift-each new day is a present to be unwrapped.  Each little accomplishment fills my heart to overflowing!  I have to admit, this has been a rough week for me-I’m getting over the flu and have just been feeling down in the dumps.  However today, while standing at the kitchen counter with my son while he “helped” me, he reached over not once but twice from his kitchen chair perch, and hugged me, and looked up and smiled with that baby-toothed grin, and lit up the world around us.  Somehow the smile of my child has the ability to erase everything bad, and replace it with His innocent goodness!

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