Another sunny day in my neck of the woods. Today is Halloween…quite honestly my least favorite holiday due to my horrible will power, and the abundance of candy that surrounds me. It does however, mark the beginning to my most favorite time of the year! Fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! This is my favorite time of year because many of my best memories reside in the months of November and December. Among them are those of my grandma in the kitchen cooking furiously and making sure everything was just right for the family dinners! I aspire to inherit many of her traits. She was a kind, gentle woman with a love for her family that was undying. She cleaned her house like a maniac, and then let my brother and I completely wreck it when she babysat. My younger brother and I fought like cats and dogs, and when mom came to pick us up, she gave a glowing report of how glorious the day was, and what angels we were…I loved that woman! I have inherited her sweet tooth unfortunately, and so just like my grandma, everything I make is coated in a good layer of carmel and chocolate during this time of the year.
Tonight I will store up another good memory in my abundant bank. My son, husband and I are going to our church’s Harvest Festival. It is basically a free-for-all for kids. They get to dress up play games, go through mazes, win prizes, jump in big air jumpers, and of course eat twice their weight in candy! It will be nothing short of marvelous!
My prayer for today is again one of thanksgiving that I am priveledged enough to be a mommy and a wife. I am also thankful for my mind…my grandma was diagnosed in her later 50s with Alzheimers and this beautiful woman didn’t have the privelidge of remembering a lifetime of cherished moments.  She was instead lost in a world where she knew no one, and nothing was familiar to her. I miss my grandma with all my heart. In her dying moments, she looked up at me with her once blank eyes, and recognition filled them as she called me “her little one” once again, and for the last time.  So this time of year is so very special to me, because I want to create the kinds of Thanksgivings, and Christmases that my little family will remember with nothing but joy in their hearts.  These and all future memories are a tribute to a grandmother who was loved more than words can express.  I know my precious grandma is looking down from heaven with a smile on her face.


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