Back in the Saddle

Hello again! I needed a couple day break to regroup after my last post. It’s amazing to me that I’ve been a part of people’s lives this last week who have experienced extreme, painful loss…and a part of people’s lives who have welcomed the newest member to their family. Last night, at 1010, my good friend looked into the eyes of her tiny son for the first time. I remember the first moment of motherhood clearly. The world stood still as I took in every tiny squeek, every little movement, every sweet breath. I got lost in the innocence of his deep, blue eyes. He was so tiny and so soft. I became ferociously protective the moment I laid eyes on him. It’s a love not even your heart can adequately communicate to your brain. It truly is one of the most monumental moments in our human existance…and so this morning, I write this post with thanksgiving in my heart again. I am so very happy for my friend who has now joined the ranks of motherhood! I wish her all the blessings and joy of parenthood. It truly is the adventure of a lifetime!
As for dealing with last weeks situation…I believe there are times when Jesus knows we cannot fully understand right now-full realization may not come for years as to why horrible things like this happen to people. He just calls us to be compassionate and to love.


The Answer

I know many of you out there are like me when faced with a decision…especially one that I didn’t wanna make. You know the ones that feel like a thorn in your side, and a knot in your stomach? I know God uses obstacles in life to challenge us; to keep life from getting mundane. In the end those obstacles often make for a good dinner party story, however while going through it, it does not seem fun, or hilarious.
I have had a recent decision of this nature…in fact many in the last week in particular. I know I am not alone in this decision making process, but it was hard for me to hear what God wanted me to do; that is until today. Today I received the message God intended for me through an e-mail of another friend of mine…amazing. In the minutes it took me to read the e-mail, I got a feeling in my heart that was complete peace. Many of the pieces fell together, and I was once again reminded, “God’s got this”, as another friend of mine always tells me. I have been reading an excellent book lately by Sarah Young called Jesus is Calling. In one of her entries she writes (these are words given to her by Jesus), “Anxiety is a result of envisioning the future without Me.” How very true, and how very comforting the simplicity of those words are.

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