Today’s photograph is the Goodyear Bicycle my dad learned on. For many, learning to ride a bike is another tidbit of memory to be stored away and pulled out on those days when you need a lift. There’s nothing quite like the carefree feeling of coasting down the hills on the farm-feet off the pedals and hands close to the brakes; careening precariously out of control, yet loving every minute. This exhilirating ride went on and on, well after the sun had set and the fireflies were blinking all around.
As I look at this photo today, I’m anticipating the day when my husband and I are teaching our son to ride his first bicycle, and seeing the joy on his sweet, little face when he rides for the first time by himself. Part of the joy of being a parent is it’s ability to bring the wonder and magic of childhood back into your life. We get so caught up in our own world of rushing that the small pleasures of life are forgotten. I believe the blessing of a child is God’s way of bringing that anticipation of what’s around the corner back to us.


Something Beautiful

I grew up on a farm, and though I live in the city now, I’m a farm girl at heart.  I would be overjoyed if my husband and I were to have an opportunity to buy a farmstead.  The smell of sweet, fresh cut alfalfa and cow manure brings me back to the wide-eyed, carefree wonder of childhood.  I used to help my dad put hundreds of square bales into this very hayloft.  I used to watch him put salt between the layers of bales so that they would not catch fire…I’m still not sure how that works-but I know not to put wet hay bales in the loft without salt or you could have a major problem!  I remember throwing bales down from here to feed our bucket calves, and to bed the cows down for those cold winter nights.  I remember hauling our trampoline piece by piece into this hayloft during the winter so that my brother and I could still jump on it during the winter.  I remember climbing to the top of the bales, and racing around on them.  There was a pulley attached to the roof that I used to pull my brother to the roof with…I thought it was great fun, but he didn’t.  There were many games of hide and seek in here, and even a Fall Party of my youth group held up here-complete with decorations and food!  This photo represents something beautiful to me-wonderful memories of a wonderful childhood.  My grandfather was born and raised on this farm, and it remains in our family.  The barn-weathered and worn with the streams of sunlight shining through the slats represents a rich generational heritage to me.  This heritage is one of love, honesty, and hard work.  This barn is the majestic tower overlooking the farm, and within these walls house over 100 years of memories just like the ones I wrote about above.  I’m proud of my family-and thankful to God for the opportunity to have played within these walls, and to have grown up surrounded by the loving arms of my family!

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