What a day

It’s late…again. How does that happen? I have been so busy doing the tasks of the day that it’s already 11pm. I had high hopes of watching Extreme Home Makeover tonight, but it didn’t happen. Instead I prepared dinner, cleaned the kitchen, made lunches for tomorrow, cut up a humongous bag of carrots and celery, paid bills…etc. All this while my son is tearing my pots and pans cabinet apart to make a hiding spot for himself. VERY CUTE…and another mess to clean up. I used to be a nurse full time, and now I’m a nurse occasionally and a mom full time. With knowledge of the day in the life of an ER nurse, I never imagined I’d be so busy as a mom, and I only have one child so far! My husband and I have been discussing the possibility of another child. Our little one needs a playmate, however, the endeavor of two children is a bit daunting for me. I have to ponder the anxiety over two, because not even a blood soaked, screaming trauma patient rattles me-in fact it is exhilarating to me. I’m guessing the anxiety comes from the fear of the unknown, and the fear of messing up two little souls that have the ability to fill my heart with joy it’s never known until they came along. I have decided that children are an act of faith, and a lesson in trust in that God will take care of you and your little family through both the storms as well as the smooth sailing days of life. He will never let go of us and allow anything but His perfect will for us, as long as we are listening and obedient. This is a comforting yet difficult truth for me right now. He allows some things that are hard for us, in order to make us trust Him more-to lean on him more.  I don’t like things that are hard… Yet, I find it so comforting because He already knows the outcome, and I know that nothing can seperate us from His love. So my prayer for today is that my husband and I will be spectacular parents of how ever many children He chooses to bless us with, and that we will always seek His guidance in parenting and in life.
And with that thought, I must get some shut-eye…I have a long day of a mandatory class tomorrow called Hazardous Materials in which I will get a review on how to decontaminate patients who have hazardous materials on them. Fun fun!


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